Appellate Practice

Vandeveer Garzia’s Appellate practice includes all types of civil appeals in all of the firm’s practice areas, including tort, product lia bility contract, commercial law, insurance policy coverage and indemnity cases.

The firm handles appeals in all of Michigan’s courts, and at all federal levels, including the Sixth and Eighth Circuits, and the appellate courts of states other than Michigan.  Its personnel and research resources enable it to handle a broad range of appeals and do so expeditiously.  This depth of resources is especially important in light of Michigan state court’s new “fast track” appeals (where the appeal is form a grant or denial of summary disposition) in the Court of Appeals, in which the time allowed for a preparation and filing of a brief is reduced to one-quarter of the normal length.

Vandeveer Garzia’s Appellate Department handles appeals, not only within the firm, but in cases referred by other law firms that lack sufficient resources or have need of the specialized experience Vandeveer Garzia offers.