Real Estate Liability and Transaction Work

In addition to its many other practice areas, Vandeveer Garzia regularly represents real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, inspectors and appraisers, in all aspects of liability work.  When a real estate agent or broker is sued on a non-disclosure issue, Vandeveer Garzia provides them with a vigorous defense based upon years of experience.  Several attorneys with the firm are experienced brokers on their own, and participate in the same rigorous continuing education requirements that our clients attend.  We represent agents at all levels of the state and federal courts and have successfully defended them in State Board actions as well.

We have successfully defended Appraisers and Inspectors in the courts and State Boards as well, always providing the very best defense based upon our years of knowledge in the purpose of the evaluations provided and an in-depth knowledge of the relationships between homeowners, these professionals and the mortgagees they represent.

As experienced brokers with deep ties in the real estate community, our attorneys also handle real estate transactional work, representing buyers and sellers, and in many cases, acting as closing professionals for transactions as well.