Environmental Law, Asbestos, And Toxic Torts

Environmental law involves claims and cases related to conditions and to the quality of the air, land and water. An environmental law case could involve a landfill, a leaking underground tank, toxic emissions, and mold in a private residence or building. Toxic tort cases involve hazards associated with conditions and products in the work place and elsewhere.

The attorneys of Vandeveer Garzia are proficient in handling environmental law and toxic tort cases. We represent clients who are involved in litigation. We can also step in when litigation is threatened and work with clients on a consulting basis to prevent problems.

Environmental claims and toxic tort cases often raise insurance coverage issues. In addition to representing clients who are involved in actual litigation in connection with insurance coverage arising out of these matters, we work with clients in regular reviews of their policies to evaluate the sufficiency of insurance coverage. We also advise clients concerning the application and impact of insurance when litigation is threatened. We regularly provide legal opinions on the viability of insurance coverage related to environmental claims.

If you are concerned about an existing case or a threatened claim in the areas of environmental law and toxic torts, contact us.

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