Adam Gordon and Samantha Boyd win a dismissal of lawsuit

Monday June 25, 2018

Adam Gordon and Samantha Boyd obtained a dismissal of Plaintiff’s negligence claims against Defendant in the Jackson County Circuit Court. Plaintiff claimed that she was injured in a public restroom where the lid of the toilet paper dispenser fell open and struck her head and alleged that Defendant, a commercial janitorial service provider, was negligent as a result. The Motion for Summary Disposition sought to dismiss Plaintiff’s claims on the basis that Defendant’s employees had not been on site for approximately 15 hours prior to Plaintiff’s alleged injury and accordingly Defendant owed no duty to Plaintiff. Further, counsel used Plaintiff’s own deposition testimony to indicate that Plaintiff could not say how the condition was caused, how long it had been present, or who knew of the condition. Ultimately, Hon. Richard LaFlamme granted the Motion for Summary Disposition and dismissed Plaintiff’s claims against Defendant with prejudice.

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