Allen v Hanover Insurance Group

Friday July 31, 2020

Sajid Islam successfully obtained partial summary disposition of certain claims for first-party No-Fault benefits. Specifically, Plaintiff claimed entitlement to the balance of certain bills from a provider despite partial payments by the insurer. Sajid drafted a Motion for Summary Disposition and argued to the Court that there was no genuine issue of material fact that the insurer complied with its duty under the Michigan No-Fault Act to pay a reasonable charge, Plaintiff suffered no harm from the partial payments made by the insurer, there was no suit against or threat to sue Plaintiff by the provider, and that Plaintiff’s loss was merely hypothetical. Plaintiff also claimed entitlement to other medical expenses, which Sajid successfully argued were barred by prior Release or statute of limitations. After oral arguments, the Court agreed with Sajid and granted the Motion for Partial Summary Disposition, disposing of a bulk of the Plaintiff’s claims.

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