Design Professional Representation

For more than fifty years Vandeveer Garzia has represented design professionals including architects, engineers and land surveyors, in all aspects of their work. We have been actively involved in the preparation of construction contracts, interpretation of construction contracts, dispute resolution, and litigation. We have the knowledge necessary to assist the design professional in preparing and interpreting the contract whether a standard AIA or AGC contract or any hybrid. We work closely with our Insurance and Indemnity attorneys to make sure that the proper language is included in the construction contract.

As skilled and experienced trial attorneys we are not only able to assist our design professionals in litigation avoidance but to represent them should they become a party to a lawsuit. We have the resources and know how to defend the design professional no matter what type of claim may be brought or who may be involved in the litigation.

Our attorneys have tried lawsuits for design professionals throughout the state of Michigan and in both state court and federal court. As such we are well aware of the hazards of litigation and are active in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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