Intellectual Property And Trademark Litigation

Intellectual property results from intellectual activity in industry, science, literature, and the arts. Ideas related to appearance, innovation, design, form, and color can be far more valuable than tangible property. The attorneys of Vandeveer Garzia are proficient in handling claims and litigation involving intellectual property.

Claims, disputes and resulting litigation in the area of intellectual property can arise from the copyright, patent and trademark statutes and laws of the United States, from the statutes and laws of the individual states and from the common law. Such cases could involve claims of infringement and unfair competition. Intellectual property disputes are often charged with emotion. The parties can take a great deal of pride in their ideas and creations. Handling such cases requires not only an understanding of the law but of the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the parties. Intellectual property litigation can be expensive and complicated. It can disrupt normal business and divert valuable business resources to legal activities. We believe that once a dispute arises, prompt action and early intervention, including alternative dispute resolution, can provide acceptable solutions. If such efforts are not successful, we are fully prepared to represent our clients in all aspects of intellectual property disputes including injunctions, summary judgment motions, trials, and appeals.

We advise and represent clients with respect to the application of insurance coverage in connection with intellectual property claims and disputes. That advice and analysis could include issues involving advertising injury coverage under general liability insurance policies and coverage under any other applicable insurance policies.

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