Workers’ Compensation

For more than 50 years, Vandeveer Garzia has been representing employers and insurance companies in every Workers’s Compensation bureau across the State of Michigan. We have prosecuted cases under every section of the statute, from the simple contest of disability to litigating the less common issues of “frolic and detour,” requiring participation in vocational assessment and rehabilitation, and whether employment exists at all. Vandeveer Garzia has litigated all of these issues to successful conclusions through trials.

We push for the speedy and economical resolution of cases at all levels of these administrative courts.

Not only do our firm attorneys also defend claims in the Appellate Commission, the Court of Appeals, and the Michigan Supreme Court, but Vandeveer Garzia been instrumental in defining concepts from the statute in the Circuit Courts, including the very definition of “employee” itself.

The firm also defends employers in related Unemployment and MESC hearings.

In addition to directly defending Workmen’s Compensation claims and representing employers, Vandeveer Garzia regularly asserts and collects Worker’s Compensation liens against employees’ actions in tort brought in the Michigan Circuit Courts. In doing so, we take an active role in monitoring the discovery and negotiations to make sure our client’s interests are never underestimated or compromised in any way.

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