Summary Disposition obtained for client in premises liability action

Tuesday April 30, 2019

Gray v GCA Services Group, Inc.

Tina Battle, Adam Gordon, and Peter O’Toole obtained summary disposition, with prejudice, on behalf of their client in a premises liability action in which the minor Plaintiff, through minor Plaintiff’s counsel and mother, allegedly sustained serious and permanent injuries due to an allegedly dangerous condition of a doorway at the elementary school he attended. The firm’s client provided custodial services at the elementary school. The Motion for Summary Disposition argued that GCA Services Group did not owe the Plaintiff a duty without regard to the obligations in the contract sufficient to sustain Plaintiff’s negligence claim against GCA. Further, the motion argued that GCA exercised due care in its undertakings and did not breach any common law duties to Plaintiff.

Tina Battle prepared the motion and briefs; Peter O’Toole argued the motion before the Honorable Susan Hubbard in the Wayne County Circuit Court; and Adam Gordon provided strategy, advice, and guidance. Judge Hubbard agreed that Plaintiff failed to sufficiently support his claim and granted summary disposition in favor of GCA Services Group. In his Case Evaluation Summary, Plaintiff claimed damages in excess of $10,000,000.

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