Product Liability

The attorneys of Vandeveer Garzia have represented clients in Product Liability litigation for many years. We have defended the manufacturers of all types of consumer and industrial products, ranging from cosmetics, clothing and lighters to home appliances to giant power presses and heavy cranes. We have been involved in cases concerning aircraft, railroad cars, boats, ships, trucks and automobiles. The defense of these cases requires an understanding of the engineering required to design and manufacture the items, together with knowledge and experience in the dynamics of presentation of complex and often highly charged emotional issues to a jury of untrained lay people.

This process necessarily involves working closely with the client to obtain a full understanding of the product, its history and its development to be able to prepare, in a cost-effective manner, a compelling presentation for the jury, all the while communicating constantly with the client. We recognize that clients can make the best possible decisions regarding litigation when armed with the best possible information, and a large part of our efforts are dedicated to providing that information at all stages of the case.

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