Premises Liability

Vandeveer Garzia attorneys represent clients in every kind of claim, case and legal matter relating to the possession, control, ownership, and condition of land, buildings and related structures. Our expertise stems from a long history of litigating these types of cases and claims in state and federal courts throughout the state of Michigan.

In premises cases over the years we have represented individuals, home owners, business owners, land owners, landlords, public utilities, contractors and governmental entities.

Premises liability claims could involve slips, trips and falls. They could arise out of construction site injuries, maintenance matters, elevators and other equipment malfunctions. They could involve dog bites, hidden defects or recreational vehicle accidents.

Our attorneys are equipped to advise individuals, premises owners and contractors on liability issues as well as all aspects of contract law, insurance and indemnity issues involving premises claims.

When an incident occurs that could result in a premises liability claim, the condition of the premises at the time of the incident could change quickly. Evidence could be lost, surveillance tapes destroyed and repairs performed. Prompt investigation and evaluation is important.

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