The attorneys of Vandeveer Garzia are experts in legal matters related to motor vehicles. That expertise involves all aspects of motor vehicle and automobile litigation as well as insurance coverage matters.

Firm attorneys regularly represent clients in motor vehicle cases at all stages including initial investigation, pretrial activities, trials, and, if necessary, appeals. This representation could involve claims related to uninsured and under-insured motorists’ insurance coverage including claims submitted to arbitration pursuant to the provisions of any applicable insurance policies.

Our attorneys are proficient at handling cases and claims involving insurance benefits under Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws, so-called “first party” claims. In addition to handling litigated cases we render legal opinions relating to no-fault claims on a regular basis.

Legal services that we provide with respect to cases and claims involving motor vehicles include interpreting insurance policy provisions and rendering opinions with regard to the validity of insurance policy language in various situations.

Automobile and motor vehicle cases and claims are one of our primary areas of expertise. We have specialized in this area of the law since the beginning of the firm.

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